Android apps development Tips

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Image of Android Apps Development 24 Nov 15

You can now discover a new sea of applications available Android phones play store. Android Apps Development has been booming ever since the advent of the Android operating system.

Let me now let you introduce the tips you must know being an android user.

  1. The first is to reserve your namespace:

Android App Development shares a huge global market. Hence you need to stand out creating a place for yourself. So, give a unique package name that sounds a bit different. And go for reserving your namespace if you are planning to launch your app.

  1. Implement for what user wants:

Just to track the right path do not go for implementing any some feature into your website or exclude random features without listening to the reviews from your user. So, here what you can do is to find out similar application on the store and analyse their features and use all those features as a reference. And this way you would understand what the user’s requirements are and what other apps are not offering.

  1. Follow android platform patterns:

Do not try adding something so new to user that they start hating to look next step of it. So just keep it simple for your user to make them feel home, as new things might appear a bit complex to you.

  1. Horizontal/Vertical views:

Let your app be built in both the views to make it more comfortable for user’s eyes.

  1. Android templates:

Today’s Android Application Development Company there are plenty of ready themes and templates available for you which you can utilize right away. You just need to download the template and begin! The template is pre-designed. So this way you have got a lot of time that you can utilize for the designing part. And then you can get to the development part. Many templates are available. You can tailor the templates customizing it that suits the best for your business requirements easily.


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