Month: December 2015

Best Guide in eCommerce Website Development

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Online shopping is extending like a forest fire nowadays, initially it was only up to cloths and accessories but now for medicines, food, grocery and what not. People dealing with e-commerce are familiar with the idea of search engine optimization that can help to receive organic traffic

Google believes in providing there users the easiest way to get what they want hence it is getting more tricky for the Custom eCommerce Website Development Company to come on top. Getting a potential customer to arrive at the site is the first of the many hurdles.

So, if you are concerned about garnering traffic, it would be logical to improve sales conversion along with website traffic for your site, as both are crucial for success of e-commerce.

Let us now discuss the key points towards Best eCommerce Website Development.

  1. With the help of easy split testing tools like Google Website Optimizer you can gauge the Most Effective eCommerce Designs capable of successfully converting website visits into sales.

  1. For a small online businessman, it is advised that you concentrate on products that possess high profit margins.

  1. It is often seen that smaller businesses are more successful than larger firms when it comes to profits and corresponding sales margin. Not only do they attend their customers personally, they are also proactive in making small and minor changes to their business, when required.

  1. Recent surveys have shown that free shipping offers help in increasing sales and also increases interest among customers.

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Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2016

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The technology has constantly progressed from desktops to laptops, mobiles to tablets, web apps to mobile apps and e-commerce to m-commerce. It has moved beyond our perception and imagination now days. We are constantly stepping forward to enter the new version of mobile apps and cutting-edge technology in this field.

Mobile has become the gadget of everyone including kids, youth and older. If we look at each hand, we see them holding this gizmo ranging from tablets to iPhones. In this great time, year 2016 is believed to be the year of drastic changes in mobile app trends. Let us today discuss some of the trends that everyone should watch in 2016.

Swift Programming Language

Swift is a new MAC OS and iPhone App Development programming language introduced by Apple. It is a robust language that combines the best modern language with most-loved frameworks. It is being utilized by 20% of the total developers in such a small duration. This year swift language is going to be a big trend.

Cross-platform Development

Most of the developers love cross-platform tools like testing, crash reporting and analytics. It has jumped long as compared to last year. Cross-development frameworks are in hot demand now days to support multiple platforms like android, windows and iOS.


IOT is being famous since last year with the development in wearable things. More than 50% of developers are working on IOT projects as per current situation and this percentage is going to be increased in 2016 also.

Bacon based Wi-Fi Services

Bacon based Wi-Fi services came into existence after GPS continuously became unreliable. This technology is very efficient in in-door mapping. Apple has already embedded this technology in iPhone apps development and this trend is going to be followed by android also.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization will continue to be a very important factor for making any app successful despite of any Mobile Apps Development and other evolution. ASO will be most focused by marketers in the year 2016.

Apart from these other trends are also need to be watched in 2016 are,

  • Cloud Technology and
  • M-Commerce secure payments

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