Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2016

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Image of Mobile Apps Development

The technology has constantly progressed from desktops to laptops, mobiles to tablets, web apps to mobile apps and e-commerce to m-commerce. It has moved beyond our perception and imagination now days. We are constantly stepping forward to enter the new version of mobile apps and cutting-edge technology in this field.

Mobile has become the gadget of everyone including kids, youth and older. If we look at each hand, we see them holding this gizmo ranging from tablets to iPhones. In this great time, year 2016 is believed to be the year of drastic changes in mobile app trends. Let us today discuss some of the trends that everyone should watch in 2016.

Swift Programming Language

Swift is a new MAC OS and iPhone App Development programming language introduced by Apple. It is a robust language that combines the best modern language with most-loved frameworks. It is being utilized by 20% of the total developers in such a small duration. This year swift language is going to be a big trend.

Cross-platform Development

Most of the developers love cross-platform tools like testing, crash reporting and analytics. It has jumped long as compared to last year. Cross-development frameworks are in hot demand now days to support multiple platforms like android, windows and iOS.


IOT is being famous since last year with the development in wearable things. More than 50% of developers are working on IOT projects as per current situation and this percentage is going to be increased in 2016 also.

Bacon based Wi-Fi Services

Bacon based Wi-Fi services came into existence after GPS continuously became unreliable. This technology is very efficient in in-door mapping. Apple has already embedded this technology in iPhone apps development and this trend is going to be followed by android also.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization will continue to be a very important factor for making any app successful despite of any Mobile Apps Development and other evolution. ASO will be most focused by marketers in the year 2016.

Apart from these other trends are also need to be watched in 2016 are,

  • Cloud Technology and
  • M-Commerce secure payments

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How your Website Increases Business?

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Web Designing Company in Bloemfontein

You can say that the website is web image of your business and its standards. Therefore, having an effective and professional website does enhances your business to a great extent from user and make you win over your competitor.

Actually it depends on what is your business, and according to that the web designer would make the appropriate look and feel for your website.

You can rather say it makes the first impression; it is similar to like if the website looks corporate then you are dealing with the client wearing best suit.

You would easily find various Website Designing Company in Bloemfontein.

If you have the same old template style website design then to potential clients would clearly understand that you have scant regard for quality. You just connect with your visitors at once.

With High Quality Professional Web Design, potential user’s will straight away stick to clients will want to stay on your website and look at what you have to offer them.

You are looking for such companies, and then just write Web Design Bloemfontein in Google and you will get a list of the entire Website Designing Company in Bloemfontein.

Website design was costly since ever, but the cost is not that much now. If we compare it with the past few years it has totally affected because of the web design software’s that showed up.

Visitors do not like much complicated functionalities and features into the website. Even you would like to escape from a website which looks clumsy. People want to stay in a website which is clean and soothing.

Moreover they want it to be simple and user friendly. You do not want to visit a website where you are continuously looking for a particular function and you don’t find it for so long, you google it. This is so not good for your reviews then.

Android apps development Tips

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Image of Android Apps Development 24 Nov 15

You can now discover a new sea of applications available Android phones play store. Android Apps Development has been booming ever since the advent of the Android operating system.

Let me now let you introduce the tips you must know being an android user.

  1. The first is to reserve your namespace:

Android App Development shares a huge global market. Hence you need to stand out creating a place for yourself. So, give a unique package name that sounds a bit different. And go for reserving your namespace if you are planning to launch your app.

  1. Implement for what user wants:

Just to track the right path do not go for implementing any some feature into your website or exclude random features without listening to the reviews from your user. So, here what you can do is to find out similar application on the store and analyse their features and use all those features as a reference. And this way you would understand what the user’s requirements are and what other apps are not offering.

  1. Follow android platform patterns:

Do not try adding something so new to user that they start hating to look next step of it. So just keep it simple for your user to make them feel home, as new things might appear a bit complex to you.

  1. Horizontal/Vertical views:

Let your app be built in both the views to make it more comfortable for user’s eyes.

  1. Android templates:

Today’s Android Application Development Company there are plenty of ready themes and templates available for you which you can utilize right away. You just need to download the template and begin! The template is pre-designed. So this way you have got a lot of time that you can utilize for the designing part. And then you can get to the development part. Many templates are available. You can tailor the templates customizing it that suits the best for your business requirements easily.

How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Platform

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Mobile Application Development has emerged as a new trend over the past few years. Number of new application is coming into the market every day. There is a great demand for mobile apps that can serve the purpose of users the best since the users of such applications have lots of demands. This makes it more important to choose the Best Mobile App Development platform for your business app to make it a success.

A number of mobile application platforms are available today such as android, iOS and windows. But it is vital to select the best one that can serve the purpose and can satisfy your business specific requirements. Reaching wider audience should be the main goal of any business application. So let us today consider some of the main aspects which will help you to choose the best mobile application development platform.

User Experience

Any platform should be optimized for the best user experience on each device. Users like engaging apps which delivers the functionality that every user need. So make sure that you choose a mobile application development platform that can enable building an app to serve each and every current and future user requirements.


An app can be developed using different approaches like native, web or hybrid. Each of them serves different purpose and offers different advantage. It is vital to select the best matching solution to get the most out of your app. Note that iPhone App Development can offer a great flexibility in app.

Target Audience

Another important aspect is to consider the target audience. You must determine whether you targeted users are using Android, iOS or Windows. Once it is determined you can choose android, windows or iPhone Application Development Company.

Security Concerns

Security plays a critical role in making an app a huge success or failure. Most of the customers are now demand for high security of their data in the app. Your mobile application should be highly secured. So always choose a platform that can provide a robust security and authentication framework.

Apart from these aspects, there are several other aspects you should also consider. To get more help on choosing the bet mobile app development platform, you can get in touch with us. We are expert in android, Windows and iPhone Apps Development. Visit us at http://www.optimatrix.co.za/ to hire us.

Choose the Best and Quality Web Designing Service

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Image of Quality Web Designing Service 19 Nov 15

As you know that things have become so easy nowadays because of everything that has up online. You need not to worry that much. The e commerce market is hot right now; you get anything you want on web.

If you want to be ahead of your competitors, then seek some Quality Web Designing Service. Hire an expert and take pleasure in the top quality results.

You will find so many experts in this designing and development field easily, the critical task on your part as a client is to identify and choose a reliable one.

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Let’s go through the amazing benefits we were about to discuss one by one.

  1. Professional Approach:

The first impression always comes with its appearance. The whole look and feel of your website actually reflects the brand of your business. And eventually it conveys how much professional you are in your work.

  1. Consistent Brand Identity:

Consistency is another important Website Design constraint which defines its brand. The web design you are offering to your client should look like that all belong to the same family. Your website, logo and business cards must work hand in hand to form a coherent whole

  1. SEO friendly design approach:

Higher levels of scalability for search engine which brings the website rank on the first Google page is an output received by a well-optimized website. And following these you would build a well optimized website which comes into existence. For example if you Search for Web Design Bloemfontein, it will give you the entire Web Designing Company in Bloemfontein list that offer web design as a service.

  1. How much the website communicate with the user:

We always do work for our customers and to make them happy. So, in website design too we should offer our customer directly whatever they are searching for. Create it in a easy way so they would visit more. Make it different from other websites. With maximum of the details.

  1. Lowest Turnaround Time:

You must be thinking that a good website designer would be costly, however that proves to be a wrong assumption. Keep in mind that all these expenditures will come back to you in form of new clients

By employing the Services of a Professional Web Designing firm, you will save a lot of your luxurious time since these experts know what to do and how to do it.

5 Surprising steps for successful eCommerce web Development Company

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eCommerce Web DevelopmentIf you are the one who is also running in web battle of website build then you need to be smart, observing and prompt about whatever decision you make.

Let us check out the various steps to be followed to provide the best service for Custom eCommerce Web Development.

Step 1: When you start a work the very first thing you do is imagining a picture in your mind that how you would be proceeding. So plan the website according to the client’s requirement.

Focus here should be on your consumers who must have ease navigating through your website.

So, you need to offer them an appealing look and feel which is functional.

 Step 2:

Now then your picture is created you are ready to send it to design phase. There the designer makes the website with what best suits following the entire requirement.

This phase will clearly decide for is your website is good enough so that the visitors comes again or not.

Hence, as aforementioned, you will want to focus more closely to your audience. For instance, you won’t design a garage equipment website in the same manner you will design a website targeting the youth.

This is the path way to become the Best eCommerce Website Development Company competing and leading.

Step 3:

Now comes the development to make your website functional as per designed. There is various languages in which the development is being done.

These include elements of CMS, ecommerce trade carts and Content Management Systems among other things.

 Step 4:

Now, it is important to check all the work regularly that it is working fine or not. Is there any error generating or not.

You will also have to begin to optimize the site. Note that without optimization, your site might never be found no matter how much a person looks for it.

 Step 5:

The works done, wind up the project. You should get a team to constantly update your content and redesign your website when necessary. At this stage your core interest is to ensure you have repeat clients.

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Benefits of Website Re-Designing

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Website Redesign ServicesAs you have heard of this line like 100 times but it still works the like before that if it looks god at first it carries that impact forever on mind. The first impression is last impression”. But a great web design only matters if it supports company goals.

Start by taking a step back and thinking of a wider picture. A strong plan now will make for a smooth process along the way.

Map out a blueprint for redesigning your site. A truly effective redesign is more than just about creating a new look.

If you are searching for a Web Designing Company in Bloemfontein, we can you help you out with this. Find out more here.

This is the reason a website has become an indispensable weapon for businesses that have an online presence. However, a website that isn’t user-friendly, visually appealing and organized can drive away visitors faster than a blink of an eye.

So, isn’t it time you took a second look at your current website? If you’re looking for reasons to rework your website to increase conversion, here are some.

The small beautiful elements, clean design structure and such other things makes your website does works definitely on the user. It’s easy to focus only on those features that look attractive and good.

But a Website Redesign isn’t simply an exercise in aesthetics. Yes that is for sure that the visual elements of the website will likely get the most attention, but remember.


Check out the one by one step to go for re design.

  1. Plan out the whole look of your website:

Initiate by creating a whole infrastructure for your website. It’s about generating more visitors towards your website design. We will help you craft goals for your website redesign.

  1. Pick the things which you like the most and put that in your website:

Take inventory of the content on your site. Will this be a total redesign? Is the content latest or not? Use this review sheet to outline what stays and what goes.

  1. Keep an eye on the records:

By doing all the above things in mind you also need to keep an eye on the accounts. Budget is not only the factor, but you need obviously to have estimation about the project completion time and man resources to do the project. Work this out with this handy guide.